QT Anyone?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with QuikTrip (or as we call it around here, QT), it is a convenience store that is very convenient to TU students as there is one right across the street from campus.

QT is lovely with it’s many flavors of coffee and drinks.  However, my favorite part is the doughnuts.  My friends and I walk to QT if it’s warm and drive when it’s cold (and sometimes drive when it’s warm because we’re lazy).  Bored? Go to QT! Need a study break? Go to QT! Want a doughnut? Go to QT!  It is obviously NOT the best way to go if you are trying NOT to gain the freshman 15, but I think that if you’re going to gain it you should go to QT so they can help.  During my freshman year, my friends and I knew the exact time the QT employees changed the doughnuts in the case.  It was at 11:57pm. It was always fun to look at the clock and say “it’s almost 11:50pm”.  Then we would get up and head across the street.  It was great.  As the year goes on no matter how much you like the food in the cafeteria, you will want something a little different. QT is a close and awesome option. Tulsa has lots of great places to eat, but I like to keep it simple.  Look at those doughnuts! How can you pass them up?Snapchat-20140125124516