Photography at University of Tulsa

Red X Whataburger

Me last Halloween, courtesy of an iPhone

I want to preface this post by saying that I’ve never taken a photography class in my life. The only camera I was familiar with was the one on my iPhone.

However, this semester I took a photography class and it has been very enjoyable. TU offers not only digital but also black and white photography (which is what I’m currently taking). The class teaches you the basics of using a 35mm camera and how to take black and white photographs. Sounds simple but you’ll quickly learn that taking a photo, developing the film, and lastly making the print is a pretty extensive but rewarding process. I’ll be sure to show off some of my better prints once I finish the class this semester. TU offers many interesting classes like these and I encourage anyone currently at TU or considering coming here to check them out. College is a time of learning, so why not learn something new?