from student blogger Quinn…

phoSo since working in California these past two summers, I’ve gotten hooked on pho (pronounced like fa). Pho is a vietnamese soup with rice noodles and your choice of meat. It’s simply amazing to me. I think I had it over 30 times this past summer and at least 7 times since I’ve been back in Tulsa. I haven’t been to many Pho places in Tulsa, but I do know that Viet Hong (21st and Memorial) serves a delicious bowl of pho. Plus the place is always packed!

Now I must admit that I will never eat a bowl of pho plain or without adding anything to it. I always go with a large V14 (Chicken) and add broccoli. Once the steaming bowl of pho comes out, I add lots of sriracha sauce, hoisin, and a few jalapenos. Spicy pho is the best! I’m thinking TU needs to start an organization just for people who love Pho…maybe I’ll start it and it could be called “Pho Life 4 Life?!”…and we could have our meetings on Fridays and call it Pho Friday?!

Anyway, now that you’ve gotten my shameless plug for Pho, go out and try it!