School is almost here!! The other day I realized that book listings are up, which is a very exciting time for me. I get a creepy amount of joy out of ordering and receiving new textbooks. I should have them all by next week. Haha. I am really excited to be back on campus and going to class again! I love the first week of school when there are a ton of new people on campus to talk to. This semester will be really busy between classes, grad school scholarship applications and making the most out of our last year on campus. Can we stay in college forever??

The answer is yes. If you can make somebody else pay for it. That’s what scholarships are for. I have a few on my radar that I’ll be shooting for this fall, but more on that another day. There are more exciting things going on.

Last weekend could be summed up by two words… smelly and fun. I went down Friday night for a housewarming party with a very varied crowd (grandparents, Carlos’ workmates from the library and the normal my-age partygoers). We finished the night line-dancing and two-stepping at Caravan. My skills are definitely improving. We left at 2 AM smelling like old cowboys, sweat and smoke, but decided to postpone showering since the next day was to be spent at the lake. We spent all day Saturday at Skiatook eating watermelon we bought from a truck on the side of the road! Upon our return from the lake, we were quite rushed to make it back to Caravan for more line-dancing, which resulted in more postponed bathing. We felt slightly gross, but hey, who showers before going to Caravan? Not I. And not Stef. No regrets!

Up in Bartlesville, things are going well as normal! I am on the home stretch of my internship – preparing my final presentation, finishing up small projects, trying to hang out with everybody as much as possible. Things are really busy – upcoming events include a Drillers game in Tulsa, an Oklahoma-themed night that includes a pow-wow, barbecue beef sandwiches and a performance of the musical Oklahoma! (all of my favorite things.), shopping for cowboy boots with my friend Ilona from Michigan (proof that she was really here) and watching dueling pianos at Full Moon Cafe. In the past 72 hours, I signed up for two separate races. Next Saturday is the Route 66 Quarter Marathon and in two weeks I’ll be participating in ConocoPhillips’ indoor triathlon. I’m going to try to beat the 80-year-old lady I lost to last year!