One Down 3.5 to Go!

So basically my first semester at TU has flown by! I almost hope they start to slow down from here so I can really enjoy the next couple years. I had 5 finals, which is apparently unusual for a freshman, and although it has been a stressful couple weeks, it has prepared me for the semesters ahead. I will be glad when I touch down in Houston tomorrow and put an end to all-nighters full of studying. To add to the joy of being home, my best friend is picking me up from the airport and I know our ride home will be full of interesting stories.

Tri Delt Formal was this past weekend and boyyy was it fun. Spending the whole night with my sisters happens often, but getting the excuse to help each other get ready and take a bajillion photos does not happen quite as much.

I am not a big sushi fan, but me and a couple of my friends went to a restaurant called “In the Raw”, and it was out of this world. If you get a chance to try it, I suggest you get the sauces on the side..they can be a tad hot! I am now starting to get the hang of things directionally and can rattle off most of the main roads in order. The grid system Tulsa has is much more user friendly then the highways and frontage roads in Houston.
I’m going to try to fit in a nap and study for my last final of my first semester :) I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and safe break!!!