Oktober… November!

My “little sister” that I mentor at a local elementary school always reminds me how AWESOME it was to be a kid! Remember when you could be basically anything for Halloween, and somebody thought it was cool? Well those days are loooong gone! Halloween in college is a time to prove yourself… who can come up with the most clever costume? There were definitely some creative ones this year. My friend Craig was dressed as left-brain/right-brain. I saw a pre-Christmas season elf wandering around, as well as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a pig in a blanket, and a German exchange student in a bumblebee costume! My boyfriend Stefan and I spent 3 weeks brainstorming for costume ideas… and we had nothing until the night before the big party. Luckily, it only took us one lunch-time shopping spree to pull our costume together!

Me and Stefan: Little Bo Peep and a Sheep

pig in a blanket christian

Jordan S: Pig in a Blanket; Christian: Bumblebee

October is one of my favorite months at TU. Halloween was just the icing on the cake – we had a great football game against Notre Dame, and one of the top 10 Oktoberfests of the year was happening right across town! TU’s Student Association sponsored a shuttle service from campus to Oktoberfest so that we could avoid parking fees (and stuff). This year I even managed a SWEET discount on the ferris wheel… I got 2 people on for $1 ($7 in savings!!). Who knew you could bargain with the ride operators?


So yes, October was awesome, but November is coming in at a close second. How do I know this just 3 days into the month? Because hopefully November will bring the first big freeze!! My allergies will be put to death, I can wear all of my comfortable winter sweatshirts, and soon it will be time to decorate for Christmas. Maybe we can even outdo our holiday decor from sophomore year in La Fortune!

Aaand to update you since my last post… I’m sooo close to handing in my scholarship application for grad school in Germany! November 12 is the big day. Right now my professors are writing letters of recommendation and I’ll soon be able to put together the application packet!

Also, the job interview in Wichita went pretty well; I managed to get the internship this summer with Koch Industries! I’ll be working in the IT department as a business analyst. It seems like it will be a really good experience, so I hope I can learn a lot while I’m there!

Welp, it’s 11:14 PM, sooo… time to hit the books! Then the hay. Until next time!