My Life With Student Association



Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post comes to us from Mackenzie S., a sophomore petroleum engineering major from Littleton, Colo.

When I came to college I didn’t knowwhat extracurricular activities I wanted to do.  I wasn’t very involved in high school and on all my college visits I was asked if I would want to participate in intramurals, so I knew that that was always an option.  But it wasn’t until orientation week that I heard about Student Association (SA) for the first time.

My freshman year, I was the Associate Director of Athletics.  This is when I was shown the ropes of how Student Association works.  The athletics team was responsible for promoting athletic events around campus throughout the year.  From football to basketball to softball, we gave away free sunglasses, Captain Cane bobbleheads, and of course, t-shirts.  We also gave away free food at the SA Tailgate at each of the home football games.  I was taught how to be on a team that exemplifyed great communication throughout the year, which will help, not only during my time here at the University of Tulsa, but also after my graduation from the university.

Sophomore year I became part of a committee that had only been a part of SA for a year.  Student Association had never had a Public Relations committee, but in order to promote all of the fun and exciting events that we had happening around campus, a PR team was necessary.  After jumping on, I quickly learned that not much progress had been made yet to increase the PR of SA.  I was excited to get the chance to drastically change the promotion abilities of my organization.  I began my job by asking the student body, through weekly surveys, about things that they did and did not like around campus, in hopes that SA could help better the university.  The response that we got back from the students on campus, to this day, has been incredible, and the feedback has really helped the other departments of SA  feel more connected with our student body.  Another thing that I did as an Associate Director of Public Relations was increase the use of social media to help promote events.  The Student Association twitter, instagram and facebook page now make daily posts about the sporting events, SA events and philanthropy events happening on campus each week.  I have loved being given the opportunity to better the image of Student Association on campus.

Looking back now, sitting here at the end of my sophomore year, I couldn’t be more thankful that someone once asked me if I would be interested in joining SA.  Just yesterday, I was given the position as the Executive Director of Public Relations and will be spending my time next year continuing to increase SA’s abilities to advertise campus events.  On top of this, I will be continuing the other campus activities that I take part in, including Greek life and spirit squad.

SA has given me so many opportunities that I never expected to have in college.  It provides students with the chance of getting involved in all kinds of events happening around campus. And for me it provided me with the chance to keep pursuing my hobbies while also pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering.