Local Food Friday: Know Your Watermelon

It’s Emily here. It’s summer, which means that on any given day I may be found eating watermelon off the rind with a spoon. I’m a classy lady like that. It’s hot, and cold watermelon is basically the most refreshing thing on the planet, and it helps with hydration!

Hello, crazy eyes!

If you find yourself at TU (or in Tulsa) over the summer and happen to be an ardent consumer of watermelon, you’re in luck! Oklahoma ranks 6th in the nation for watermelon production and watermelon is the state vegetable. Yes, this is actually true, and no, watermelon is most definitely not a vegetable. In politics, reality tends to be secondary. So find yourself a farmers market (more on those later) or look for local at Whole Foods or Reasor’s, get yourself a spoon, and go to town.

Click here for a fun watermelon trick for those 21+

Yes, I did in fact steal the title of this song for today’s post.