Hurricane Thursdays

Okay this post is going to be a shorter one. I just want to inform you all of something my roommate and I have recently accomplished. Every Thursday there are events at or around TU known as Hurricane Thursdays. There have been 10 so far and we have managed to go to all 10! Most of them are actually pretty fun and can range from parties to movies to bowling nights. The most important aspect of these activities is the punch card. If you get all of the punches on the card punched (a total of 14) then you are entered into a drawing for an various prizes including an Ipad and priority housing! So hopefully we will win priority housing and get a super nice apartment here next year! Another thing I will address later in the year is housing- it is incredible here.

As always thank you for reading and have a fantastic night everyone! For those of you participating in Tulsa Time, I will see you soon!