Hurricane Thursdays

One really exciting thing that goes on at The University of Tulsa are Hurricane Thursdays. One of my favorite events is at the drive-in movie! Last week it was the week of sequels.  They had “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Despicable Me 2″! “Into Darkness” was amazing, and “Despicable Me” was adorable. I was a fan of both! I realized that I saw the first “Despicable Me” at a drive-in in Cape Cod and I saw the 2nd one at the drive-in here.  It’s pretty exciting.  Another really cool thing is Boxer Bash which is held in Fisher.  Basically everyone wears the coolest boxers they have and just dances all night.  There is always good food, and I have to say that the RAs are pretty cool.  They have a haunted house during Halloween, if you enjoy that sort of thing. I love bowling, but I’m not very good :(  Still, I thought it was fun to go and hang out with my friends. There is also a fun dance near the end of the semester, which is great for people who don’t have a lot of opportunities to go to dances. These events are all free, and they are a great chance to meet the super cool people that go to TU!

This is a really bad picture from the movie, but it was hard to get a good pic in the dark.