Homecoming 2011

Hello everyone!

I’m sure that many of you have heard that the last weekend in October was the University of Tulsa’s homecoming / parents weekend! So many different festivities going on the last week in October, and keeping up with classes on top of it all is quite a challenge but such a blast!

One of the activities that TU does for the week of homecoming is street painting. On one of the streets by the football field, all the different fraternities, sororities, and other campus b get different sections of the street and paint different TU related pictures. Some very cool looking Captain Canes! Then the winner was announced during my favorite part of the whole week, the bonfire. On Friday evening, there is a GIGANTIC bonfire that lights up the entire sky. My family got to come down for the celebration. Me and my siblings started out in the very front, closest to the bonfire but soon had to scoot way back because of the intense heat!! But it was so awesome. And after they lit the bonfire, fireworks started going off behind it. What a wonderful display for all of the TU students, alumni, and families!

Today I got to do something that I rarely do during the middle of the day on a weekday: I went out into the city of Tulsa and saw a movie! There was a French film playing at one of the theaters in Tulsa and to add to the culture of my life (and possibly for a little bit of extra credit) I got to enjoy a heart wrenching French film. Some fun!

November’s here and we approach the end of this semester. However, there is still a lot to do! Going to visit the Gilcrease Museum this weekend and who knows what else! Until next time,