Holiday Inn = free wi-fi!

Hey everybody! I’m writing tonight from Norman, OK, where I’m attending a conference called the Oklahoma Academy. I got here on Sunday and will be leaving Wednesday afternoon. The Oklahoma Academy is organized every year so that leaders from around Oklahoma can discuss issues that our state faces and propose changes to our legislators. So far we have talked a lot about duties of Oklahoma’s cities and how they receive their funding. Most of the other participants are city planners or mayors, so they bring a lot of experience with them. I don’t have any really cool stories to share, but I think my elementary view of things is a nice perspective that might even help to cut out the fluff and get down to the root of problems. I have learned a lot in just one day, and have another full day in store tomorrow: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM!
There are ten students here in total, and we each got our own room in the Embassy Suites… classy, right? That’s what I thought! There is a free happy hour every evening and the continental breakfast is unbelievable… real food, not cereal! On the other hand, the internet here costs MONEY! What?? Even Burger King has free wi-fi! In any event, I refuse to pay $10 a day for internet, so I have been frequenting the parking lot of the local Holiday Inn for all of my internet needs. Their connection is quite strong! I am just paranoid they’ll notice a strange college student loitering in the parking lot with a laptop…

Aaaand everybody get ready to celebrate, because I finally turned in my scholarship application for Germany! According to their website, I should hear back in late March/early April (ahh!). But according to random forums in which anxious college students post scholarship application info, I could hear back as early as mid-February. I probably shouldn’t have sought out that information, because it will only make me more impatient!!

Well, I’ve got an early morning so that’s my quick update for now! See you later!