Haunted Hall; Epic Costumes

I can say without a doubt that Halloween is one of my favorite days out of they year, especially as I get older. About a month ago my friends and I decided that we should make our costumes correlate, and we decided Teen Titans would be the best option. It quickly caught wind and more people joined, we lost some in the tedious process of making the costumes, but overall it turned out well for Haunted Hall. Making the costumes was fun in it’s own right and then dressing up and seeing the surprised looks on everyone’s faces was priceless. Luckily this was just a test run for Halloween because some costumes, especially my friend’s Sebastian’s (who is Red X in this picture) were incomplete and almost falling apart. I’m looking forward to Halloween on Wednesday because I get to play at the TU men’s basketball game in full costume, and then my friends and I are hitting the town for some trick-or-treating. NEVER too old to trick-or-treat, you’ve just got to find someone who’s willing to give you the candy. By far one of the best Halloween’s I’ve had in years.