Guest Blog Post: Lizzie

It’s TGIF- not Tuesday with Tulsa- but we have a special guest blog post for you anyway!   We asked Lizzie, a Freshman Communications major, to tell us about her experiences at TU, and this is what she had to say…

My name is Lizzie and I am a Freshman here at the wonderful University of Tulsa! I am from Little Rock, Arkansas and I am nineteen years old. As of this moment, my major is Communications and I am a double minor in dance and Film Studies.

In life, I hope to become an established broadcast journalist or a photo journalist. Photography has always kind of been a hidden passion of mine, but how can you keep that a secret when you live on a campus as beautiful as this! Every day I discover new things about this campus and every day I get inspired to do what I love.

TU has inspired me more than any place I have ever been to reach beyond what I think I am capable of and really get me thinking outside the box. I have really been pushed to my limits and I am only a freshman, what will happen in the next three years? That is part of the appeal to TU. I am also astounded at the amount of friends that I have met while I have been here. I would not necessarily consider myself a home-body but I did get homesick coming to TU and was worried about not going to school with anybody I knew. However, I have met my best friend here along with dozens of other good friends who enjoy going off campus and eating, seeing concerts, and watching movies as much as I do!

I love to dance so much that I was recently involved in the Theatre departments production of  “So TU, think you can dance?”, a contest within a show where dancers were voted on by the audience after being narrowed down to a top 10 and then a top 5. I feel very blessed to have received the chance to perform in our new performing arts center (Lorton Performing Arts Center) with its state-of-the-art technology and its brand new stage! TUPAC (as it is more affectionately known by students) was just opened this fall, 2011! The dance concert was the best experience I have had to date and influenced my opinion to take up a dance minor. Another great thing about TU is that it has virtually any minor or major you could think of and if it does not then you can basically handcraft your own education by picking different minors and/or majors that work for you! It is great!

I hope you continue to investigate the University of Tulsa with your other schools as you choose which college is right for you! I honestly believe that TU is a right fit for those who want to succeed in there future and those who want to find out what life has to offer! I wish you all the very best and hope you never take life for granted!

Go Golden Hurricane!!!