Gotta Represent!

from student blogger Quinn…
So as I quickly approach the end of my undergraduate career, I’ve started realizing that I haven’t done much in the city of Tulsa. My realization first came a couple weeks ago when my friends and I took a bike ride from TU over to Riverside (yeah it was a long ride)…but well worth it. As we rode our bikes across town, I noticed so many things that I had never noticed before. Mainly, restaurants because I was starving throughout the duration of the bike ride.

Anyway, realizing that there were some many things/places that I haven’t done/been, I’ve decided to make a Tulsa Bucket List. I’m not sure that I will be able to complete every task, but I’ll definitely try. I’ve got two things crossed off my list so far, and I hope to get another next week during the Drillers opener. I’ve never been to a Drillers game, and I’ve been dying to check out their new stadium. I’m sure it won’t compare to Cardinals baseball, but it’s sure to be a good time. I’ll update you as I think of more things to add to my Tulsa Bucket List! Almost forgot… suggestions are welcome!