Golden Hurricane Athletics

Coming from an area with some of the country’s largest universities and biggests sports programs, one of the first questions my family asked me after my decision to¬†attend Tulsa was, “So…is Tulsa any good at sports?”

For those of you who are considering attending TU or have already made the (fantastic!) decision to do so, here are some fun facts about the Tulsa athletic program.

1. The University of Tulsa is the smallest Division 1 school.

2. This season, the Women’s Basketball team received its first NCAA tournament bid, where their first game was against 1-seed Stanford. Tulsa played well and kept Stanford on their toes despite a resulting loss of 72-56.

3. Chris O’Hare brought home gold for the Golden Hurricane last spring in the NCAA Indoor Mile Run, and just this spring broke the NCAA mile record with a 3:52.98 mile time.

4. Tulsa is currently ranked at least top 25 in Men’s Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, and Women’s Golf, and Softball.

5. Football ended their season by winning the C-USA championship over UCF.

6. Students get free admission to all sporting events!