It’s Emily here.

noun /ˈgidēnəs/

  1. A state of excitable frivolity

The feeling when it finally rained. It was still 110 degrees outside, but that sure didn’t stop me from reaching for rain drops.

The arrival of new textbooks. Suddenly, I understand that my senior year of college is about to begin. I made it.

If you’re wondering what the orange stickers are all about, wonder no more. Roll on over to Chegg and never get ripped off on books again. And the company plants a tree each time you rent!

I’m also giddy because: my mom got a job she really wanted, my brothers are happy and healthy, one of my best friends just got incredible news, and another friend made me delicious vegan dinner (and dessert) earlier this week. My life may never be perfect, but it is so good.

As you all prepare to come to TU for the first time or the thousandth, I hope the goodness of your lives genuinely amazes you.

And now, because Vampire Weekend also makes me giddy, your song of the day: