Finals Finished

Here we are, slogging through our last finals. Spending long nights and days pouring over book after book, problem after problem, review after review, never sleeping, never resting. The life of college finals.

Okay, so maybe that’s true for SOME college students (though I haven’t met many!), but somehow I got very lucky! This first semester, I only had one final and it was last week! So, although I did study a significant amount for that final, my exam schedule was not bad at all. And for most students, even the older ones, it wasn’t too bad. While each student is enrolled in five or so classes, many of the classes don’t even have finals or have an optional final, something you take if your grade is on the borderline.

So, while I’m sure that finals get harder as you go, I’m pleased to say that I’ve survived this semester with little sleep, a fair amount of homework, and a TON of great memories. :)