Final Year

from student blogger Quinn…

So this is technically my first post as a senior at The University of Tulsa. I’m excited, but also kind of nervous to be graduating at the same time. I was also an Orientation Leader once again this year. This year my group was the Superman Group! Once again, we dominated the other groups in activities such as the Hurricane Classic, Scavenger Hunt, and dodge ball. Unfortunately we didn’t place (I think I will demand a recount). Aside from the awesome time that we had all week, one of the highlights for me was the community service that we did at Kendall Whittier. It really was an enriching experience. My job was to read to third graders, and then take them to gym. I had forgotten had much fun elementary school was. Although we were only at Kendall Whittier for an hour or so, I really got to know the kids that I worked with. I am definitely considering volunteering there in the future.

Classes are going ok now that my professors have finished going over syllabi. I’m only taking 15 hours this semester so it shouldn’t be too tough for me. The next few weeks I’ll be busy applying for jobs via Golden Opportunities. Golden Opportunities is a website that career services manages that allows students and employers to connect. It’s a really good website that allows students to search for internships, part-time jobs, or even full-time positions. After these next few weeks are over I’ll finally know where my life after TU will begin.