So much has happened in just one week. I don’t know where to start. I moved from my dorm room into the sorority house, which was quite an experience considering I lived on the third floor of my dorm. After that, my weekend consisted of me catching up on day time naps, and doing odds and ends I knew would not happen once Monday rolled around. Now that I’ve gotten into the swing of things, my second week of school has been much less hectic because my time management skills swung into full gear. I am absolutely in love with the introductory to petroleum engineering classes I am taking for my major. Also all the Energy Management students got to go to a Drillers game sponsered by Chevron. Ball park food was part of the perk, and I was also able to meet a lot of upper classmen that will help me in the future. Even though I’ve been super busy, I’ve been having lots of fun and am looking forward to the first football game on the 11th. And last but not least, I’ve gotten SEVEN free t-shirts so far! :)