Cool weather has arrived, and it has been a much needed relief from the former Summer heat. Although I’m enjoying everything at school, I hope October goes by quick so Thanksgiving Break can come. I survived my first shotgun experience at the skeet shoot, but received a couple bruises before realizing proper form was pertainent to pain free shooting. It was great fun to get taught gun safety, and spend a saturday morning with TEMSA students. School has kicked into full gear with Tests and quizzes seemingly every week, but I am looking foward to a field trip with my Intro to Petroleum Engineering class. It is weird thinking there are still field trips after high school, but were going to an oil rig, and the north campus on Saturday. I am excited to see how it all works, and gain knowledge for the field of work I am pursuing.
Flag football is getting more intense, with practice twice a week now, one being tonight at 9 PM!! On Sunday were playing the team the law school has put together, so we’ll see if they put the same amount of practice in as they do for the BAR exam.
Oh, I almost forgot something super important. I started visiting the local high school, Will Rogers, and it has been awesome. TU has created a partnership with the school, in order to place good influences in student’s lives to encourage the completion of high school, and college in their future. I think it is an equally rewarding program for both the TU mentors, and the high school students.