Dorm showers

I took my first on-campus shower the first night that I moved in. My parents were still in town from dropping me off and were staying in a hotel downtown, so I had the chance to take one last private shower before really starting off my college experience, but I decided against it.

To be honest, as stupid as it may sound, showering on campus for the first time made me think, “What am I getting myself into?” It wasn’t what I was used to. I’ve never had to wear flip flops while I shower, and I think everyone can agree that taking a shower for the first time in an unfamiliar bathroom is a weird experience. I came out of my first shower thinking, “How am I going to shower here every single day until November?”

Fisher South showers

Well, I have good news: it’s November, and I’ve managed so far. In fact, I’ve started to even enjoy the showers. My roommate and I have pretty similar schedules, and one thing we’ve gotten in the habit of doing is showering at the same time so we can talk to each other from our different shower stalls. (It’s a little bit weird if there are other people thereā€¦ but we don’t care.) On top of that, a lot of the girls on my floor like to play their music when they shower. Of course, that’s annoying if you don’t like the music that they’re playing, but, luckily, my floor has pretty good taste in music from what I’ve heard in the bathrooms. Sometimes, if there’s a song that I really like, I’ll sing along under my breath until my roommate yells at me to stop being embarrassing.

Now that Thanksgiving is getting close, I’ve started to think about what it’ll be like showering at home again. I would be very surprised if I didn’t walk into my shower with flip flops on just out of habit.

Moral of the story: most things about college are fun. Even the showers.