Dorm Life

There are a million things different about living in compared to living at home. Obviously, your parents are not in your dorm room and you have a roommate. Also, it is a lot closer quarters with the students around you. You really begin to feel like family! However, one thing you do NOT have to miss while living in the dorms (at least at TU!) is the availibility of a kitchen. Although you do not have your own personal kitchen, there is a full sized kitchen down in the basement that is availilble for the students to use. Cooking supplies can be checked out from the front desk for free. All you have to do is buy things to cook! Oh, and invite all the friends over to share. :)

This weekend, I decided I wanted to make baked potatoes. However, after going to the store, buying a bag of NINETEEN potatoes, and realizing that there is no way I could eat NINETEEN potatoes, I decided to make a dinner party out of it. So me and a friend invited lots of friends over and had quite the feast, finishing up with a wonderful chocolate pie creation and a game of dominos (also availible for free check out at the front desk). Unfortunately, I did not remember to snap a photo of our event. But we had a ton of fun!