Dawg Days of Summer

It. Is. So. Hot.

In case you were unaware, the heat wave that has hit the Midwest and South this year is practically based in and around Tulsa and my hometown of Fort Smith, AR. The other day it was 114 degrees in Fort Smith – hotter than anywhere else in the entire country on that day. Luckily for me, I was spending that record-high day in the beautiful, high-of-78 Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My dad and I went to raft, fish, ride horses and shoot guns. What a trip! On the day we drove back, we woke to 45 degrees at 7 am in Colorado and ended with 97 degrees at 11 pm in Fort Smith. Crazy… So now I’m spending a couple of days here in Arkansas catching up with friends before heading on another long roadtrip to Destin with the “in-laws.” The heat shouldn’t be so bad if there’s a beach to go along with it.

Apart from my trips, summer went really well for me. As I’ve mentioned, I got the opportunity to work for the Williams Companies, a Fortune 500 energy company based right here in Tulsa. What a valuable experience. I spent the summer doing economic research, analysis, and consultation with Williams’ lead economist. Not only was I able to do challenging and relevant work, but I met a boatload of awesome people, many of whom are very influential within the community and industry. And to boot, I got a window office on the 46th floor. I didn’t calculate the total time I spent staring out the window, but I’ll suffice to say it was more than a couple minutes. AND I got paid well to do it – not too common in the world of college internships.

School starts in a couple of weeks. I’m excited to get back, see everyone, and hit the ground running this semester. I’ll be taking a decently full class load – Finance, Management, Microeconomics, Spanish Linguistics, and Professional Writing. What I’m REALLY excited about is my schedule – first class at 1 on MWF and at 2 on TTH. Finally, I’m going to get a sufficient amount of sleep! Granted I don’t stay up until 4 every night, that is…

That’s about it for now – gotta go buy some new sunglasses for the beach. My old ones are somewhere beneath the rapids of the Colorado River.