Corrugated Alphabet at the Hogue Gallery

This month at TU my Design II class had the opportunity to work alongside famous artist James Grashow on his exhibition for the Hogue Gallery. The project involved large cardboard versions of the alphabet and when I say large, I mean large.

Many of the letters actually reach the ceiling!

The whole project was completed with just cardboard, glue and tape and it was a lot of fun to do. My group was in charge of the letter “S” and I’m quite proud of the end result. 

These photos don’t nearly do justice to the exhibit so I definitely recommend you come down to TU to check it out! The exhibit will remain on display till February 21 and if you would like to learn more about the artist behind the project James Grashow, watch his documentary The Cardboard Bernini or check out his website. It continues to amaze me the opportunities I have here at TU, and I hope when it comes time to choose colleges that you deeply consider TU. If you would like more information on the exhibit, check out this link. Hope you all enjoy!