Color Me Rad Run

One thing that I have IMG956663wanted to do since last year’s homecoming is a color run.This past weekend I finally got a chance!  I ran in a 5k race called Color Me Rad.  It was superb! I got a t-shirt, a tattoo, and some rad sunglasses. (haha see what I did there)  The race started in Veterans Park and headed down Riverside Drive which is one of the prettiest places to get fit in Tulsa. People run, walk, ride bikes and roller blade on over 12 miles of trails and paths.

I ran Color Me Rad with two of my really good friends which made the experience even better.  After the run we got a bag of dry paint to use in the color bomb.  This is when everyone throws their dry paint in the air and then waits for it to fall back down on them, “coloring” them in. Hold your breath! You don’t want to breath in the paint. My friends and I “color bombed” ourselves three times because it was so much fun!

After the race, we stopped for lunch at the Blue Rose Cafe. It was so amazing! Their burgers are fantastic and the patio overlooks the Arkansas River. The entire day was a great experience, and I recommend that everyone try it!