Chill Week

I survived a very busy two weeks and am now in the middle of what I like to refer to as “chill week.” Lots of exams, quizzes, papers and a presentation kept me busy earlier this month, but now it’s all about enjoying the fall weather and taking a breather before the business of fall kicks in! I made the drive home to Norman this past weekend for a wedding, and as usual it was nice to see my parents and be back in my house for a couple of days. After a relaxing weekend though, I was reset and ready to come back to campus and see my friends! They managed to have a good time without me…haha and loved watching TU football beat Fresno State by just one point! I watched from home and man was that an exciting game! I have a group meeting here in a few minutes though, so I should probably wrap this up. Overall I am looking forward to my low key week and to the fun that is yet to come this semester! As always, Go TU!