For those of you that don’t know, all the sororities and fraternities have their own Philanthropy Week that takes place throughout the year.  During a sorority or fraternity philanthropy week, dinners and events are sponsored in support of the organization that fraternity/sorority supports. 

So in short, last week was Chi Omega’s philanthropy week also known as Hootiefest which supports The Make A Wish Foundation of Oklahoma .  Throughout the week Chi O had different events in which fraternities competed in order to win Hootiefest.  The final event, also the biggest, is always Chi Sing!  It’s not your average lip-sync competition (as participants actually have to SING! haha).  Fraternities usually go all out for the event with hopes of winning the prized tropy. 

Long story short….after days and countless hours of practice and tears, and the freqent use of Red Bull, my fraternity, KAPPA SIGMA, showed up and won Chi O Sing 2011!  Enjoy the video below and hopefully you’ll get a laugh from it.

Kappa Sigma Chi Sing 2011 (My Girl, Dead or Alive, Larger Than Life)