Celebrations Galore

So the past couple of weeks have had a lot of festivities mainly homecoming! (I apologize in advance for so many pictures!) It was definitely fun to go to all the activities but my favorites were the Ben Rector concert and the bonfire! I mean how can you not love a face like that?

But I was quite happy especially when he played my favorite song and all and all it was a good night!

┬áThe bonfire was pretty impressive and I’m pretty sure we were being baked during the fireworks show but I got lots of great pictures so I think it was worth it!
The next celebration we had was Kerry’s birthday and we planned a surprise party for her where we all wore lovely mustaches just because that theme sounded fun!
Today I got three care packages (our room was pretty much a disaster when I first opened them with so many things all over the place so I did have to clean up a bit):
You would think it was my birthday! Which I mean it actually was so more celebrations! I never knew how much care packages would mean until I got here! I am so thankful for my friends and family! Celebrations continue with Halloween and then a count down until Thanksgiving so I am quite excited! Until next time!