Beginning of the year fun!

Another year has started and I am so glad to be back on campus at TU! This is my second year here but last year I lived in Fisher West Suites. This year I get the chance to live in Fisher South, the all freshman residence hall, since I now work for housing. ┬áLet me tell you, this dorm is the most social place and I love it! Everyone is always out and doing things whether it’s watching all of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend, playing games, or just hanging out.

One of the great things that happens during the first semester are Hurricane Thursdays. Every Thursday is a different event, which are mainly geared towards getting the freshman involved with things on campus, but are open to every TU student. So far we’ve had events such as First Thursday which was a big activities fair, Pizzas of Tulsa that was put on by RHA so everyone can sample the different pizza places around town, and a Pool Party Fiesta which included live music and Qdoba. Most recently the hall government in Fisher South put on Boxer Bash, which is a dance in your underpants! Everyone dances the night away while their boxers are proudly shown on the outside of their pants. We got to enjoy a DJ while also getting to eat tons of pizza, donuts, and cookies in the shape of boxers!

It’s only been a month of school and I’m so excited to see what the rest of the year brings!