Back to School

It’s Emily here. It’s amazing what happens in a year. Last September I was not knee deep in a new semester, I was knee deep in a new job. I was just becoming acquainted with exactly what it feels like to live a dream and had just met the people I now consider some of my closest friends.  I had just made the leap from intern to someone who oversaw an intern. Now I’m an intern once again.

As every year has since I graduated from high school, last year completely transformed me. I’m certain that my senior year at TU will be no different. Reaching senior year is awesome, but it’s also scary. I don’t know what comes next.

Still, we are experiencing a real fall season in Tulsa this year, which is a rare and wonderful thing. The crisp, cool air signals coming change and sweater weather. Maybe it’s just me, but the world seems like a better, more manageable place when I’m wearing a cozy sweater.

And now, in honor of the return to school, a campus classic: