Back To School

It’s that time again! Football games, sorority sisters, the colors of fall…I am so happy to have everyone back at TU! It was lonely this summer without a bustling, exciting student body here to keep things going!

The past few weeks have been crazy with sorority recruitment and the beginning of football season. I’m so glad to see TU playing such big-name teams, and I’m equally excited for the home opener against OSU this weekend! It will be a blast to watch, and our campus will be packed with fans! I’m so ready!!

Other than football and school, I’ve also begun the process of applying to law school…so scary! I can’t believe my time at TU is already coming to a close. It went by so fast, but I’ve still got a year left! I’m going to live it up, enjoy everything that TU has to offer before I graduate, and revel in being a senior!

I hope to see you all rooting on TU in the game this weekend! T-U-L-S-A!!!!