Back to Class..?

As school begins, classes start picking up: homework becomes more challenging and the first round of tests has begun. However, not all classes have the same kind of homework or the same quality of paper tests– in fact, in some classes, the test aren’t even on paper! My favorite- and most exciting- class this semester is……. ballroom dancing! Yep, you heard me: a whole class dedicated to learning how to dance with a partner at a ball, or other occasion. Our first form of dance to learn was Argentine Tango. Below, you can view a clip of me in the dance class.

Okay, fine, I look nothing like that. But it’s been a ton of fun for someone who has never taken any form of dance before to get to learn in such a relaxed environment with a phenomenal teacher. As we continue the semester, we’re planning to learn to Salsa, do the Charleston, Swing Dance and lots more! What a fun class to take completely outside of my major!