Back 2 school!!

I officially finished unpacking today, and I’ve got to admit that it feels good! Finally I’ll live in a place for more than 3 months without packing up and heading off to somewhere new. I’m sharing an on-campus apartment with my roommate from freshman year, Kay Sind. Apartment life is nice… we have so much space! It’s unbelievable!

My last day at ConocoPhillips was Friday, and I was really sad to leave – the internship experience was really good. I loved my position and I got to know so many really cool people. We finished the summer strong with a trip to Dallas! My friends from work (Mark and Phillip) and I drove down to Dallas Friday evening and went to a great piano bar. Saturday was full of outlet mall shopping, getting lost and the highlight of the weekend… THE GOO GOO DOLLS IN CONCERT!! I am pretty sure the lead singer was looking right at me as he sang Black Balloon… pretttty sure. I’ve been dreaming about seeing them in concert since I was twelve, so I would say this is a good start to senior year!

Being back on campus feels a little weird since I’ve been gone for so long! There are so many unfamiliar faces. I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Today was the first day of classes, which means I (as always) got up unusually early and went to class unusually awake! I listened to the standard first-day-of-class spiel from every teacher and had some delicious Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I am trying to embrace all of this random free time I have right now because I know that my schedule is about to fill up, really fast!! See ya later!