Almost there!!

Only two finals left. Whew. So far I’ve gotten through four exams that all turned out better than expected! Tomorrow I have a final in my database class, and on Thursday I have my last final, in operations management. I’m just now about to crack open my notebook for tomorrow’s final, but thought I would delay it for just a few minutes longer with a blog entry :D

I can’t wait for Thursday afternoon when I finish my last exam of the semester, but I am also really sad for Friday to get here! Most of our exchange students are only here for one semester, so they’ll be leaving Tulsa on Friday morning! :( We have all been trying to cram in some hang-out time before they leave, though, and I am sure I will see them again… visiting friends is a good way to travel on a budget :D

As they’re all headed home, we have been brainstorming for good only-found-in-America gifts to take back to family. It’s pretty hard! I had a couple of ideas… Dr. Pepper. Stuff from Hickory Farms (yum). Barbecue sauce. Rice Krispies treats. A Snuggie?

Okay, time to get back to studying!