Allen Chapman Activity Center

What is ACAC? One of our seniors, Victoria, tells us about one of her favorite places on campus….

One of my favorite places on campus is Allen Chapman Activity Center, affectionately called ACAC. It serves a variety of purposes; it’s the home of the bookstore, special events are held there, and most importantly it is a second dining option on campus. Freshman and sophomores have meal plans out of the Pat Case Dining Center (aka the Caf), but for juniors and seniors like me, many of their meals are supplemented in ACAC. Like the Caf, it is a place to eat and hang out with your friends.


ACAC is a very popular lunch option for students and there are a ton of things to choose from. There’s the Convenience Store (aka the C-Store) that has candy, salad, bar, hot meal options, and even home goods for sale. There’s also a coffee shop called Phat Katz; they’ll make any specialty coffee drink! My favorite food place is Chick-Fil-A. Every Friday my friends and I have what’s called “Chick Fil-A Friday.” It started freshman year and has continued ever since. We met at noon, eat lunch, and catch up with everyone! ACAC is a great place to see everyone on campus! There’s also a Subway in ACAC that is open at the hours of a Subway off-campus. It’s an awesome choice during a late night of studying. Another favorite is Benevenuto. It is a make-your-own pasta place upstairs. You choice what you want in it (from mushrooms to shrimp) and then they stir together with either alfredo, marinara, or pesto. My favorite combination is chicken and mushrooms with a mix of marinara and alfredo sauce.

Not only is Subway an option for nighttime dining, there’s also the Hurricane Hut. The Hut is unique to TU; it is our own restaurant on campus with typical American food. My friends and I meet there every Monday night to have smoothies and appetizers. They offer great specials for students and during big athletic games they have tons of TVs to watch and food to eat.

Not only is ACAC right on campus, but you can also use your Dining dollars or Gold dollars right from your ID card. Dining dollars come with campus meal plans and Gold dollars can be added to any account by using the online system. It’s simple and easy! Without a campus meal plan, ACAC has become one of my favorite places to hangout with friends!