A Place to Visit: The Guthrie Green

This marks my second year at TU and with that second year comes a whole new wealth of knowledge. Lucky for you readers, I am willing to part with that knowledge. There are tons of fun and unique activities to take part in on campus but there’s a whole bevy of things to do outside of the University of Tulsa as well. Downtown Tulsa is a robust and busy area, rich with art and community (and it’s only 3 miles away from campus) that students can take advantage of while attending TU. Downtown Tulsa is home to locations like The Guthrie Green, an outdoor performing space and garden. Every week they show classic films, have concerts, host fairs and all kinds of great activities (and it’s usually free too). In the past week alone I’ve been to The Guthrie Green to see a movie, visit a technology fair, and see a hip hop concert. The Guthrie Green has a little something for everyone and I encourage all TU students to take advantage of this unique location. For more information on the events The Guthrie Green will be hosting here is their website http://www.guthriegreen.com/

-Sebastian Pineda