A Chemical Engineer’s Monday

TU Community
 We asked Chemical Engineering major Marcus what a typical day in his life looks life. Here is what he had to say about ChemE and life as a TU student

9:00am- Wake up to the sunlight coming in my window. Make breakfast, plan out my day, and then check my email.

10:00am- Mass Transfer: A difficult ChemE class that involves creating distillation columns. We have fun with the FUGK method. (Fenske-Underwood-Gilliwood-Kirkbride, and yes the class giggled about the unfortunate acronym for a while)

11:00am- Done with class, head to the Chemical Engineering Lab to work on Wednesday’s homework. I have to use HYSYS, which is a finicky program. It takes what would take hours or days by hand and completes it in less than a second, but it takes as much care as a newborn child or it won’t work at all.

Noon- Lunchtime meeting! I get to eat Papa John’s and cake while planning out the week’s University Ambassador activities with friends.

1:00pm- Time to take a break! I watch an episode of Doctor Who while surfing the web and thinking about what I can do on spring break.

2:00pm- To the Collins Fitness Center. I run/lumber for 3.5 miles before I walk a cool-down lap and stretch out. There’s always plenty of room since the fitness center was built for a campus of 10,000, and TU has around 4,000 students.

Then I shower and dress up for…

4:30pm- Board the buses for the Student Advisory Committee for TURC and Presidential Scholars dinner at the Gilcrease Museum. Delicious food and a great networking opportunity in a beautiful building

8:00pm- Return to the apartment, finish up an extra credit assignment for one of my five classes on Tuesday. Plan out what tomorrow entails, then do the day’s dishes before heading to bed.