IB Program Beneficial for Many Reasons

Aryn Blog

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa comes to us from Aryn M., a sophomore double-majoring in chemistry and marketing from Wichita, Kan.

When I began my college search my junior year of high school I had never heard of The University of Tulsa. I knew I wanted a smaller school with easy access to a large city so my English teacher at the time suggested I take a look at TU. I was reluctant to visit— only because I thought I had my mind made up on another school. But I ended up loving the campus, the professors I met, as well as all the little things that make Tulsa such a great university. (How many other schools the size of TU have D1 athletics!) So not only had I found a school that was a perfect fit for me, but I was in for a big bonus when I realized how supportive Tulsa is of the work I had done in high school as part of the International Baccalaureate program.

I am an alumna of the IB program at Wichita East High School in Wichita, Kan. While there, I participated in the full IB diploma program with Standard Level exams in Spanish, Business and Management, and Math Studies. My Higher Level exams were in English, Chemistry and Biology. My time in high school was stressful to say the least. Not only was I part of IB, but was co-editor for the school newspaper, captain for the dance team and a part of several other time-exhausting extracurricular activities. I knew I wanted a college that would recognize and reward all the effort I put into my high school curriculum. On my first visit to TU, I met with the director of incoming International Baccalaureate. He explained to me that if my tests went well enough, TU would award me with approximately thirty hours of credit. Thankfully I passed all of my exams with flying colors and was mailed a notice from Tulsa that I would receive thirty-two credit hours and enter the university as a sophomore!

Tulsa’s generous credit award has given me a lot of freedom in how I spend my time at school. I am currently pursuing a double degree in chemistry and marketing which is different than a double major in that the two subjects are across colleges. I would never be able to pursue such varied interests and finish in four years if it weren’t for the IB credit I received. Even with a double degree I have been able to also participate in some clubs and activities like Greek life, Spirit Squad and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Another benefit of receiving large amounts of IB credit is that I am consistently able to register for classes earlier than most of my classmates because registration order goes by seniority of credit hours. This means I almost always get the class and professor I want.

I am so grateful my junior year English teacher suggested I include The University of Tulsa in my college search. I found a wonderful school with fantastic people and rigorous academics, similar to my experience in high school. At TU, students are driven and excited to learn, and the professors are enthusiastic about teaching; incoming IB students will continue to be challenged in college just as they were in high school. There is no doubt in my mind that former International Baccalaureate students thrive at The University of Tulsa!