Dances in College

The dances are probably what I am going to remember the most clearly about my four years in high school: not necessarily the dances themselves, but the getting ready, taking pictures, and being around people that I love. After my senior prom, it suddenly hit me that I would never have anything like that again – or so I thought.

However, I was wrong. In the month of November, I went to a fraternity’s semi formal and my sorority’s formal. Honestly, both of these were more fun to me than high school dances were. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it’s a smaller group. My high school had 2,000 students, and, although not everyone went to the dances, it was never a small group of people, and sometimes the huge crowd took away from the overall enjoyment of the dances.

On top of that, Tri Delta had our formal at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Tulsa. It was a beautiful venue, and, on the drive over, I got to see parts of Tulsa that I had never seen before.

I’ve moved on from high school, but I’m happy I don’t have to give up the dances just yet!

Semi formalTri Delta formalSemi formal