2010 Already?!

from student blogger Quinn…

Okay so I haven’t blogged in a while and so much has happened in these past couple of months at TU. School and extracurricular activities have been keeping me pretty busy. In December, SA had an ice rink set up outside of Bayless Plaza. It was a pretty cool set up. There was even fake snow and hot chocolate and cookies were served. I was pretty sad when I found out that they didn’t have my size in skates. However, Santa showed up later that evening too. Santa and I got a chance to hang out earlier in the day in ACAC when he was chilling in sleigh with his helper.

Finals weren’t too bad for me considering that I only had two. So I was actually done with finals a week earlier than most people, but I decided to stay in Tulsa for an extra week to work on an extracurricular project and hang out with friends. I wasn’t too productive on the project though so I decided to head home after staying a week.

Being back in St. Louis was awesome! I got to see friends and family who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. I actually won’t be returning to St. Louis until November because my internship and Spring Break plans (I’ll fill you in on those later). My stay in St. Louis was shortened because I went to Vegas for a week ! I’ll talk about that trip more in my next post so stay tuned!