101 Things to do Before You Graduate

The University of Tulsa recommends a book to students before coming to college.  It’s called 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate.  I’m sure that most people don’t bother to read it, but my friend Melissa and I are crazy enough to try it. We have made a goal to do about 20 easy things this semester.  One is to make a new voice mail message which is actually a lot harder than you may think it is. I can’t even get to my voice mail box. Another is start a do-it board which is like a bucket list of things we want to do in life and what inspires us. We cut out some stuff from magazines and put them on there to remind us of our goals.  That is what is behind us in the picture below. We also have the book in our hands if you recognize it.  Melissa and I decided that we were going to run a marathon which seems crazy to me.  We are not very far into training, but I ran six miles today so that is a start.  I am looking forward to doing some of the items in the book. Some of the ideas are not quite as exciting, but definitely important. For example, perfecting your 30-second pitch.  This is just what you say inn interviews when someone says “tell me about yourself”.  Anyway I’m pretty excited to check off some of the suggestions off the list, and I am sure it will be great to say that we did!! :D20140126_150837 (1)