Honors Program

CollinsChristmasSearchHeaderThe University of Tulsa Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for graduating high school seniors with exceptional academic records and a spirit of intellectual curiosity. Through lively discussions, Honors Scholars tackle perennial questions, explore the intersection of ideas, and develop the intellectual agility of interdisciplinary thinkers.

Because the courses in the Honors Program are credited to the student’s general curriculum and elective requirements, the Honors Program course of study is compatible with any major in any academic discipline offered by The University of Tulsa.

By participating in the Honors Program, Honors Scholars will

  • add their voices to a centuries-old conversation about what makes for a meaningful and well-lived life;
  • cultivate the ability to think across disciplines and to make connections between them;
  • practice thinking aloud and hone the art of conversation;
  • develop intellectual camaraderie with fellow students and TU faculty;
  • find their own voices;
  • indulge in self-reflection;
  • take ownership of their education;
  • shift from strategic learning to deep learning;
  • benefit from the guidance of an Honors Mentor; and
  • graduate with both a bibliography and an intellectual autobiography of their college studies.

Honors Scholars who complete their Honors Portfolio by designing and fulfilling an Honors Plan earn the “Honors Scholar” designation on their transcript and an Honors medallion.

To learn more, email honors@utulsa.edu, call 918-631-2122, or meet with Dr. Dutton, the Honors Program Director, on your next campus visit.