City of Tulsa


Nickname: Oil Capital of the World
Incorporation Date: January 18, 1898
Population: 382,872
Metro Area Population: 937,815
Time Zone: Central
Avg. High Temp: Jan. 47F/July 94F
Avg. Low Temp: Jan. 26F/July 73F


  • Tulsa ranks as the best city for young entrepreneurs looking to start a business.
  • In downtown Tulsa, the streets that lay to the west of Main street are named, alphabetically, for cities west of the Mississippi and the streets to the east of Main are named, alphabetically, for cities east of the Mississippi.
  • There are over 120 city parks and playgrounds in the city of Tulsa.
  • The world’s largest captive bull sharks reside at the Tulsa Aquarium.
  • That Tulsa is the most convenient city in the United States: there are more convenience stores per capita here than any other city in the nation.
  • ranks Tulsa as the fifth most affordable city in the country when examining salaries and cost of living. Tulsa boasts a cost of living at 8.6 percent below the national average while the county per capita income is 16 percent above the national average. The first yield sign appeared in Tulsa (1950).
  • The yield sign was invented by a former Tulsa Police Department member, Captain Clinton Riggs.