Volunteering Galore

At TU there are, well, pretty close to a million different volunteering opportunities. So, whether you are inspired by helping out with little kids through Big Brother Big Sister, caring for animals during TU Service Day, or building a house for someone in need through Habitat for Humanity, there is something (or somethings!) for everyone. Last weekend, I decided to go help out with Habitat for Humanity and actually got to build a roof on a house! That someone’s actually going to live under! It was awesome! The people in charge were great about teaching us how to use the equipment, not just doing everything for us. That said, I carried a tool belt and used a nail gun, sawed a board, measured beams, and nailed plywood. I was hot, I was sweaty, and I had the time of my life getting to build a house with friends from TU.

Some students helping out with Habitat for Humanity

Spring is in the Air

Hey everyone!

So it’s back to the grind…spring break is over, and that means I graduate in just a little over ONE MONTH! AHHHHH that’s terrifying! My spring break was really cool…I got to travel to Washington, DC to attend a conference with my research advisor through the TURC program! I got to see all of the sights while I was there, which makes me really, really happy because seeing the original Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and standing in the exact spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream Speech” is every Political Science major’s dream. It was so neat!

I also got to go to the Smithsonian and see the WWII memorial, the Korean War memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, and the Pentagon 9/11 memorial. They were all so beautiful! I was so grateful I had the opportunity to see them! All around, it was an amazing spring break, and I’m so thankful that I had the chance to travel to DC–a city that I’ve wanted to see my whole life–and it’s all thanks to the TURC program at TU! I never thought I’d have an opportunity like this one, but I’m so grateful that I did!

I can’t wait to write to you all next time, because by then I’ll be on the brink of graduation. I officially enrolled in law school today (eek!), so I guess I really am a big kid now. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on all of the happenings in my life! Until then, adios and happy spring!

Standing where MLK, Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech! The reflecting pool is under construction, but it was still so pretty!

The National Mall

The National Mall from the other side of the river! The cherry blossoms were so pretty!

The Vietnam War Memorial

Tuesday with Tulsa: The Communication Department

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post was written by Dr. Joli Jensen, Professor of Communication at The University of Tulsa. We asked Dr. Jensen to tell us about the Communication Department at TU, and this is what she had to say….

I love teaching in the TU communication department because we teach relevant courses on media, culture and society that attract creative, engaged students.  We have carefully designed our curriculum to blend theoretical, historical and skills courses so that our graduates understand the history, limits and possibilities of today’s media, and learn the skills to thrive as citizens, consumers and participants in the new media environment.

Our department website and Facebook page will tell you more about us.

Our majors can choose to specialize in journalism, advertising/pr or media studies. They learn how to think and write clearly and effectively for print communication, and how to use broadcasting, graphic design, and documentary techniques for electronic communication.  We want to be sure that our majors can combine various modes of communication for effective participation in the emerging digital age.

Our graduates find employment in both profit and non-profit organizations, since there is always demand for students who can think and write well, plan campaigns, create innovative content, and use new media technologies, including social media, effectively.

Our faculty is always available to help each student shape their coursework to meet their goals.  As professors, we not only teach, but also do research in media studies–our specialty interests include Native American images, country music, the Soviet Internet, and sports and computer games.  Our adjunct faculty members are currently active in local journalism, public relations and advertising, and bring their expertise and connections into the classroom.

TU is a very supportive environment for communication students.  You can write for our campus newspaper, the Collegian, as well as produce shows for our campus TV station, TUTV (click here to view TUTV’s programming). We have a public radio station, KWGS. Our faculty are also involved in various certificate programs, including Creative Writing, Women’s and Gender Studies, Native American Studies, Museum Studies, and Arts Management.  We are developing a Digital Studies certificate right now.

So, if you are interested in communication, and want to understand and participate in the media, then TU gives you LOTS of ways to develop the insights and skills you’ll need.      Feel free to contact me, our department chair Dr.Mark Brewin, or any of us, for more information—