You’re The Pageant Girl, Right?

LSR_4075_Perfect365Today’s blog is from Erin Wilcox, a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Fort Gibson, Okla. 

Did you know the Miss Oklahoma Pageant is held annually in Tulsa, Okla.? Even better, did you know that the Miss America Organization is one of the world’s leading scholarship providers for young women? This summer I had the honor of being a contestant in the Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant. When I started my journey as a freshman at TU last fall, I was crowned Miss Green Country 2015 and was given the chance to represent the Tulsa area. This was my first local title within the Miss America system, and I could not wait to spend the year serving my community and meeting new people. Even more so, I was ecstatic to compete in the Miss Oklahoma Pageant in June 2015.

People ask me all the time “Don’t pageant girls just dress up and wave at people?” Although this is technically a part of the role as a titleholder, it is a very small part of a job that is actually about serving others and being a good role model. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the Miss Oklahoma competition places a huge emphasis on scholarship and setting goals. In fact, the Miss America Organization provides a scholarship to titleholders at national, state, and local levels of competition. A titleholder also must support a personal platform during her year of service. A platform is a cause that a contestant chooses to promote because it is dear to her heart. The job of Miss Oklahoma is not about just about glamour; it is about encouraging others and raising awareness for worthy causes.

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Before I Ring the Bell

08 27 2014 student activity fair EC226Today’s blog is from Mercedes Vega, a senior Education major from Surprise, Ariz.

As the new school year began, I had to finally accept reality and acknowledge that this is my senior year at The University of Tulsa.  I really wish I could tell you where all the time has gone between my first day as a freshman and my last first day of college, but it is a mystery. I have loved every moment at TU, and when I say that, I’m sure some may roll their eyes and think, “Here is yet another girl that says she loves her school, and she probably likes it just fine, but does she really love it?”  The answer to that is, YES, I LOVE my school.

TU became my home the moment I arrived on campus.  I have my favorite spots that will always be familiar, regardless of how much things change in my life or around the school. The steps of McFarlin Library are one of those spots. I find the steps to be the best place to read for class, watch the sunset, catch up with friends, and dream about the future.  In fact, after I got out of class on the first day this year, I marched right up those steps and started reading. I got to watch people walk by on their way to and from their first few classes of the semester. And I savored the moment.

There were many times during freshman year that my suite mates and I would do homework on the steps.  So much has changed in four years and yet the steps are my constant happy place.

There were many times during freshman year that my suite mates and I would do homework on the steps. So much has changed in four years and yet the steps are my constant happy place.

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Reign Cane!

charity 3Today’s post comes to us from Charity Barton, a sophomore from Tulsa, Okla. Charity is majoring in Communications with a minor in Spanish.

The weekend is quickly approaching and that means football season will soon begin. Last year as a freshman I really enjoyed going to the games. Sweating, shivering, and cheering on my fellow classmates was always a great way to end the week.

This week, first-year Head Coach Phillip Montgomery and the entire football staff have declared 2015 as a New Era for TU football! We’ve got great players and great coaches, but the student cheering section is an essential asset for the win. We tell freshmen who haven’t yet learned the TU traditions to follow the spirit squad. And happily, this year I am a member of the squad and will be watching the games from the sidelines as a cheerleader!

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