The Best School Ever: An International Perspective

Tomas 1Today’s blog post comes to  us from Tomas Espinosa, a freshman Chemical Engineering major from Ecuador.

TU is the best school ever!  Why? Because of the people and how nice they are. For example…

I wanted to start playing Ultimate Frisbee (I played it over the summer twice and loved it), but I was not good at all, and I had no idea how to even find people who could teach me.  One day I asked Nate, one of the residence assistants in my residence hall (I suggest living in Fisher South, it´s awesome!) what I could do to get involved with the Ultimate Frisbee team.  He told me that he wasn´t sure but that he would see what he could do.  A few days later I started seeing fliers stuck to the room doors telling people to go to one of the intramural fields at a specific time on a specific date to learn all there was to learn about the school´s Ultimate Frisbee team.  I went there.  Nate had somehow gotten the school´s Ultimate Frisbee team to show people how to play and to spend the afternoon playing with us freshmen.  We all had such a good time!  I am now a rookie on the school´s Ultimate Frisbee team.

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