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08 27 2014 student activity fair EC226Today’s blog is from Mercedes Vega, a senior Education major from Surprise, Ariz.

As the new school year began, I had to finally accept reality and acknowledge that this is my senior year at The University of Tulsa.  I really wish I could tell you where all the time has gone between my first day as a freshman and my last first day of college, but it is a mystery. I have loved every moment at TU, and when I say that, I’m sure some may roll their eyes and think, “Here is yet another girl that says she loves her school, and she probably likes it just fine, but does she really love it?”  The answer to that is, YES, I LOVE my school.

TU became my home the moment I arrived on campus.  I have my favorite spots that will always be familiar, regardless of how much things change in my life or around the school. The steps of McFarlin Library are one of those spots. I find the steps to be the best place to read for class, watch the sunset, catch up with friends, and dream about the future.  In fact, after I got out of class on the first day this year, I marched right up those steps and started reading. I got to watch people walk by on their way to and from their first few classes of the semester. And I savored the moment.

There were many times during freshman year that my suite mates and I would do homework on the steps.  So much has changed in four years and yet the steps are my constant happy place.

There were many times during freshman year that my suite mates and I would do homework on the steps. So much has changed in four years and yet the steps are my constant happy place.

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An Incredible Summer at Camp Incredible

Today’s post is from Mercedes Vega, a resident blogger for the TU Office of Admission. Mercedes is a senior Education major from Surprise, AZ.

Mercedes (2)As an education major going into my senior year, the dream summer job would be something that let me work with kids, especially in a school setting.  While I was completing classroom observations this past semester, I was able to learn about Camp Incredible.  Camp Incredible is a summer camp opened to elementary students and is comprised of six one-week camps.  I was given the opportunity to work there as a teacher’s assistant for all six weeks of camp.  I can’t imagine a more perfect summer job!

The first week of camp just finished, and I spent my time with pre-kindergarten and first-grade students.  For an entire week we were part of the Dragons and Princesses class disguised as a music session. There was a performance at the end of the week for other students at camp, as well the kids’ parents.  The performance was on Friday and throughout the week we made a series of crafts so by the time all the kids were standing in front of their audience they were decked out in crowns, princess necklaces, and knight swords. Continue reading

A Peek at the Last Two Weeks in Fisher South

Spring semester is my favorite semester; the weather is getting warmer, summer break is approaching, and campus is a fluster of activity. I live in the all-freshman hall, Fisher South, and the programs that this building is responsible for in the spring are some of the most enjoyable.  The Fisher South Hall government has kept busy all year and this week it hosted the second annual Fisher South Awards.

Fisher South hall government 2014-2015.

Fisher South hall government 2014-2015.

The Fisher South Awards is a night to be a little sentimental and reflect back on the year as a whole.  A ballot sent out to the entire building with over 40 awards for which residents could nominate their friends, or sometimes themselves.  These awards include categories such as “Best Bromance,” “Best Dancer,” “Best Couple that Never Was,” “Most likely to Start a Fire,” and “Biggest Gamer.”  With so many categories, there was an abundance of nominations. A final ballot was created so students could vote on their favorites.  Within two days, half of the building residents had sent in their votes. Everyone was talking about it!

The lobby of Fisher South was transformed into a venue fit for a prestigious awards show…red carpet and all.

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