Not Just A Sleepy College Town

IMG_5118Today’s blog post is from Katie S., a junior Communication major from Des Moines, Iowa.

Tulsa is not a sleepy, college town. It is a vibrant city, full of things to do and see. In my three years here, I have discovered a number of places in Tulsa that make me love the city.

Here are my top five:

 #1 – Cherry Street

When I say Cherry Street is one of my favorite spots in Tulsa, what I am really talking about is Andolini’s Pizzeria. A favorite local restaurant is one of the most important discoveries you make as a college student. Andolini’s is the best pizza I’ve ever had, though I can rarely finish it after devouring an order of garlic knots first. This is the restaurant at which my parents insist on eating each time they visit, and where I take all of my friends. Cherry Street has more than just great pizza, however. There are over 20 restaurants in the area, as well as shops and entertainment spots. Each Saturday, in the spring and summer, there is a Farmer’s Market on Cherry Street full of locally grown produce, baked goods, and art.

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From Tulsa To Teaching Abroad

Today’s blog comes to us from Claire Pottebaum, a guest writer for Globe Trekking, the TU Center for Global Education newsletter.

11188073_10155481521205384_902364814_oOf the many students that come through the Center for Global Education to study abroad, a committed few have decided to seek work opportunities abroad after graduation. John Mason, Tessa Hill, Trey Johnston, and Elise Bonine had one goal in mind when they decided to live internationally and teach English. Each one set out with a different goal and destination in mind: Mason went to Yuanzhou in the Guangdong province in southern China where he teaches students from all age groups at a private English institute; Hill currently teaches middle and high school students in Ban Hua Hin, Thailand through a program called Greenheart Travel; Johnston is a Fulbright  English Teaching Assistant the Universidade de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal ; and Bonine is in Sapporo, Japan where she teaches high school through the Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) program. Each study abroad alumnus described their present opportunities as a wonderful time for personal and professional development. Most importantly, however, they desire to make a difference in the lives of their students.
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Smiles, Hugs And Engineering

julie and meToday’s blog post is from Brittany J., a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Lee’s Summit, MO.

There are always going to be the things you HAVE to do or SHOULD do, but then there are the things that you GET to do and those are the things that make the world go round.

One of the things that I love doing every week is volunteering at The Little Light House. It brings me joy to see a smile stretch across a child’s face, hope to watch one walk for the first time, and love to scoop one into my arms for a hug. There is no doubt The Little Light House is the highlight of every volunteer’s week for reasons like this, and The University of Tulsa is lucky enough to have a growing relationship with them.

LogoThe Little Light House is technically a preschool for children with special needs, but in reality it is so much more. It is a home for children that live with love, joy, strength and heart in everything they do. They truly have the power to touch any heart that crosses their path. With the help of community volunteers, the full-time staff at the LLH has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those children every day.

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