Dances in College

The dances are probably what I am going to remember the most clearly about my four years in high school: not necessarily the dances themselves, but the getting ready, taking pictures, and being around people that I love. After my senior prom, it suddenly hit me that I would never have anything like that again – or so I thought.

However, I was wrong. In the month of November, I went to a fraternity’s semi formal and my sorority’s formal. Honestly, both of these were more fun to me than high school dances were. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it’s a smaller group. My high school had 2,000 students, and, although not everyone went to the dances, it was never a small group of people, and sometimes the huge crowd took away from the overall enjoyment of the dances.

On top of that, Tri Delta had our formal at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Tulsa. It was a beautiful venue, and, on the drive over, I got to see parts of Tulsa that I had never seen before.

I’ve moved on from high school, but I’m happy I don’t have to give up the dances just yet!

Semi formalTri Delta formalSemi formal

I’m thankful for…

My parents are immigrants. My dad is from England and my mom is from Denmark. They moved to America about 25 years ago for work opportunities, thinking they would move back to Europe eventually. But we’re still here.

My dad grumbles sometimes about the road systems, saying how much better they are in England. My mom still speaks Danish everyday and is proud of her first culture. That being said, I know how thankful they are to be here. My dad became an American citizen around ten years ago, and he knows a lot more about American history than a lot of American-born citizens do. My mom, although not yet a citizen, makes it very clear that she loves America. On many occasions, she has told me, “I love Denmark, but I could never move back to Europe. I love it here too much.”

That being said, my family does not do a lot on Thanksgiving. Yes, we have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. But we have never watched the Macy’s parade, participated in a Turkey Trot, or watched Thanksgiving football. We have, however, formed our own small tradition of, before we start to eat, going around the table a few times and saying what we’re thankful for. Sometimes this lasts up to forty-five minutes, and sometimes we’re just so hungry that we only do a couple of rounds. But something that never changes is that we all have things that we’re thankful for.

This year, sitting at a Thanksgiving table with two Brits, four Danes, and three English-Danish-American mixes, I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Of course, there are the basics that I can talk about every year – my family, my friends, my house, my health, my dog – but there are also a lot of new things that I’m thankful for: my life in Tulsa, my sorority sisters, my roommate, figuring out what I want to do with my life, and simply being lucky enough to get to go to such an amazing school.

Dorm showers

I took my first on-campus shower the first night that I moved in. My parents were still in town from dropping me off and were staying in a hotel downtown, so I had the chance to take one last private shower before really starting off my college experience, but I decided against it.

To be honest, as stupid as it may sound, showering on campus for the first time made me think, “What am I getting myself into?” It wasn’t what I was used to. I’ve never had to wear flip flops while I shower, and I think everyone can agree that taking a shower for the first time in an unfamiliar bathroom is a weird experience. I came out of my first shower thinking, “How am I going to shower here every single day until November?”

Fisher South showers

Well, I have good news: it’s November, and I’ve managed so far. In fact, I’ve started to even enjoy the showers. My roommate and I have pretty similar schedules, and one thing we’ve gotten in the habit of doing is showering at the same time so we can talk to each other from our different shower stalls. (It’s a little bit weird if there are other people thereā€¦ but we don’t care.) On top of that, a lot of the girls on my floor like to play their music when they shower. Of course, that’s annoying if you don’t like the music that they’re playing, but, luckily, my floor has pretty good taste in music from what I’ve heard in the bathrooms. Sometimes, if there’s a song that I really like, I’ll sing along under my breath until my roommate yells at me to stop being embarrassing.

Now that Thanksgiving is getting close, I’ve started to think about what it’ll be like showering at home again. I would be very surprised if I didn’t walk into my shower with flip flops on just out of habit.

Moral of the story: most things about college are fun. Even the showers.